Data Collection System

A no-code cloud application for data collection within the company and between business partners, which can be used by everyone.

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You will no longer have to deal with typical data collection problems: process a lot of files from each employee separately and consolidate them together, seek mutual understanding with colleagues, check for errors and make endless edits — the application will do it for you. All you need to do is create a template for the collected data and give access to those from whom you need to receive it.

Tabliner automatically checks the entered data for compliance with the template, highlights errors and gives an explanation for their correction. At the output, you get only clean data that can be immediately used for further work.

Tabliner is focused on collecting and validating data in the form of spreadsheets. And we have done everything to make the service accessible to everyone: a user-friendly interface, flexible access settings, and a simple no-code data template constructor with an extensive data validation system that will allow you to collect data for tasks of any complexity.


Ease of use

Ease of use

The user-friendly interface does not require special knowledge, includes many explanations and wide documentation



Automatic error detection and automatic generation of hints when entering data will make data collection much faster

A wide range of access settings

For any data collection task

The data template constructor and the extensive data validation system are suitable even for complex data collection tasks

Only clean data

Only clean data

At the output, the data fully corresponds to the template and is immediately ready for analysis or making predictions

How it works

Our data collection system is easy to integrate into the business process.


Go to the website, register, and create a new template for data collection.


Set data template settings:
column names and data types, data collection mode and value limits.


Set access settings: assign moderators, add email of users, and much more.


Start collecting data.


The users specified in the settings will be granted access to the data template.


Users enter data, and the application will check the data for errors and discrepancies with the template and show what needs to be corrected.


If the new data absolutely corresponds to the data template, the data will be saved.


Download data at any time and stop data collection when data is collected.

Solved problems

Tabliner helps the company to solve the following problems:

Errors in the data

Errors in the data. Our application offers more than just standard data checks based on column types or value restrictions. It allows you to set dynamic restrictions on values, which can change depending on the values in other columns. This adaptability ensures error-free data collection, even for complex tasks.

Time and cost

Time and cost of data collection. By using the common data template format, extensive documentation, and auto-generated hints, Tabliner optimizes data collection and reduces the time spent on explaining data properties. Additionally, it saves time on error search and correction, also saving costs for data processing specialists.

The quality of analytics and forecasts

Improving the quality of analytics and forecasts. The initial collection of data without errors and with explanations will significantly improve the quality of the data, which will increase the quality of analytics and the accuracy of forecasts.

For small teams
and large companies

In small teams

Between departments and branches

business partners

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